How to create your own 5 or 6-speed Open Metal Shifter

Hey guys!

Due to popular demand, here are instructions on how to make your own Audi TT 8N 5- and 6-speed Open Metal Shifter! It’s a lot of work, but you can’t go wrong with these very detailed instructions. (thanks to metal-designer in Germany for sharing his pictures along with his autocad files!)

Note to the reader: This text has been translated from German to English. Don’t hesitate to suggest modifications if needed.


This manual may be used only for private purposes. Commercial use of the contents of this manual without prior approval is not allowed by the site operators – please therefore contact us in advance. For substantive error in the pattern, we can not accept any liability.

In this guide we explain how you can build the Audi TT 8N shifter, step by step. We have attached this all the necessary information, such as the construction drawings of the Laser and milled parts as well as the suppliers where you can buy the necessary parts.

Tools needed
1 Glue gun
2 Allen key set for different sizes
3 Wood drill (diameter: 5mm)
4 Screwdriver (slotted and cross)
5 Cordless Screwdriver
6 Scissors
– Needle and thread to sew the switching Sacks (the same color leather)

Material needed

1 Leatherette (430x175mm)
2 Stainless steel design – Shift Gate (Material 1.4301 polished 3.0mm)
3 Spacer
4 Cable ties PVC Length: 200mm
5 M4x50 cylinder head IMBUS 8pcs
6 Aluminum ball (d = 50mm polished, threaded blind 12 × 1.5 – 20mm)
7 Panel for shift stick (inner diameter: 12.5mm, length 95mm, thickness: 0.5mm)

Time to get going, let’s start the project!

Ordering the laser cut stainless steel design – Shift Gate


There are two possible variants: Variant 5-speed or 6-speed . We have the AutoCAD drawings for both.

DXF drawing of the 5-speed version: Download (zip file)
DXF drawing of the 6-speed version: Download (zip file)

Contact a machine shop with the following information:

Drawing: download the right dxf file above
Material: 1.4301 stainless steel
Material thickness: 3.0 mm
Length x Width: 139.7 x 139.7 mm
Quantity: 1 piece

Ordering the Spacer ring


This is very similar to the stainless steel Shift Gate. You need the attached file and a supplier that will create the part for you (not necessarily a machine shop this time).

DXF drawing of spacer ring: Download (zip file)

Contact a machine shop with the following information:

Drawing: download dxf file above
Material: MDF
Thickness: 25.0 mm
length x width: 140.5 x 140.5 mm
Quantity: 1 piece

Ordering the aluminum ball (optional)


Now comes our third order – optional, because you could also use the original shift knob.

For the aluminum ball, we do not need any drawing. Simply source a supplier that can get you:

Aluminium ball polished
Diameter: 50.0 mm
blind holes: 12 x 1,5 – depth: 30.0 mm
Quantity: 1 piece

Ordering the Shift Stick (optional)


The shift stick is the short stainless steel tube that is pulled over the original shift stick. It isn’t necessary for this job, however it is recommended since it looks better.

Again, no need for specific files. Simply source:

Material: Stainless steel Pipe
Outside diameter: 13.5 mm
Inner diameter: 12.5 mm
Wall thickness: 0.5 mm
Length: 95.0 mm
Quantity: 1 piece

Preparation of the spacer ring incl. Leather trim


It is possible that after the production of Spacer ring, the 8 holes may not be complete (go from side to side) – if not, we must re-drill them. For this we take our cordless screwdriver and drill with a diameter of 5mm and drill the holes at the end (see picture red). We also need one extra hole using the same drill but just about 5-6 mm deep, located in the middle of two complete holes (see picture green). These will be needed later during installation, as most TT’s have a little nipple on the threaded plate. We’re done for now with the spacer ring – now comes the leather trim.

Preparation of the leather trim


We now cut our piece of leather (leatherette) to the exact dimensions of 430 x 175 mm (please pay attention to right angle). Now we have a rectangle with the dimensions 430 x 175 mm available.

We turn this around (ie with the “leather side on the table.” So now we have the blank (the contour that we will cut later with scissors) of leather blank canvas (see image).

Draw the lines on the blank canvas for future cutting. Make sure you take your time to do it properly. Now you’re ready to cut the canvas using your scissors. For this we have attached a small photo gallery:

Now that we have cut the leather perfectly, we can devote ourselves to the sewing. Here we must be careful a little bit so that we sew everything in the correct order. Therefore, we have created you a small list – please adhere strictly to this order:


1. The 3 oblique inner seams
2. The upper tabs
3. The outer seam

Note: We sew the shift boot to the left and then invert it at the end in order to right – thus we have on the visible side a nice seam. As with a T-shirt which is washed on the left and then turns back to the guards on the right.

Follow the pictures and sew only along the red lines shown above, then nothing can go wrong:

Connection of leather trim with the spacer ring

Now is the time to connect the leather trim with the spacer ring. For this purpose you need the glue gun to drop hot glue on the inside of the ring (Drop glue on just 1/4 of the ring). Immediately fold the excess leather inside the ring (see pictures below) and hold the leather inside the ring for a few seconds until the glue has solidified. (use gloves to protect your hand from hot glue)

bezugDistanzringBild03 bezugDistanzringBild04

This process is repeated a total of 4 times. Thereafter, the spacer ring should be wrapped entirely in the leather.

Now revert the head of the leather trim (the narrow end) through the ring and pull the cable tie in the tabs at the top of the leather covering. This cable tie is later used to securely connect the shift boot with the shift stick. Please snap a few teeth the cable tie to ensure that there remains sufficient clearance for assembly.

bezugDistanzringBild06 bezugDistanzringBild05

The final step for the spacer ring is to drill holes into the leather for the mounting screws. For this, use a small pin screwdriver. You have a total of 9 holes to drill. Do not forget that 8 are complete holes so that the screws can pass through the ring. The spacer ring is now completely done!

Now should you have the following parts:


It’s very easy to install now.

Audi TT (8N) Open Metal Shifter (6 Speed ) - 010113_6

Well that completes the translation guys. Hope you try it and let me know how it went! Not an easy task but hey, it’s worth at least $200 🙂

I’d like to get your comments, so fire-up!


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Plug & Play comfort blinkers on a MK1 TT, yes it’s possible!

Hey guys,

I am in the middle of a crazy project. My goal is to get the steering wheel audio controls to work with the OEM radio. Not an easy task!

Why the OEM instead of something newer? Call me weird but I’d like to keep it as close to original as possible. Even though the exterior shows it’s been modified, my goal is to keep all mods in tune with Audi’s original design. So I’ll give it a go and let you know how I do.

In the mean time, I wanted to show you how easy it is to get comfort blinkers on your TT. I ordered a Komfortblinker from cum-cartec in Germany. It’s really easy! Just take the radio out and… that’s it. Images below.


It can’t be easier and it’s super cool to be able to change lanes using it. Check the videos below.

See you soon!

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5 Pimp My Ride ideas you should avoid doing to your Audi TT

Hey followers,

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog! I will soon keep you all up to date with my latest mods. (hint: radio + steering controls)

I just flew back home from San Diego and on the last night before coming back, I saw this MK1 parked on 5th avenue, downtown SD (pics below). I immediately thought about you guys and how I could write a post on this blog on… Pimp My Ride ideas your should avoid doing on your MK1 TT. 🙂

Not that I want to be rude to its owner: At least he made a statement somewhere in his life but just at the wrong place.

Based on this guy’s MK1 TT, if you own one don’t…

  1. Think you own an R8 or worse disguise your TT into one!
  2. Color match your windshield wipers
  3. Change the headlight washer nozzle covers to another color
  4. Add simili-carbon fiber stickers on your front & rear bumper for protection
  5. Make sur you have at least 10 Audi / TT logos so everyone can see what you’re driving from all possible angles
  6. Color match your windshield wipers (just to make sure)
  7. Change your wheels for some… ah what the heck do I need to continue?

You get my point. Less is more, it’s just a question of balance.

Balance? Speaking of which, here are a few pics I’d like to share, also taken in SD. Maybe this helps understanding the TT owner’s state of mind… lol


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Eurokracy 2015

Hey peeps,

I was at Eurokracy 2015, just North of Montreal earlier this summer but never got the chance to post my pics, mostly TTs but also other interesting stuff. So here they are! 🙂


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Bust a Myth: Mk3 Audi TT RS

Hey guys,

It’s time to bust a myth! I read a short article on announcing “spy pics” of the new generation of TT RS. Yeah Right! Don’t believe what you read. This is solely to gain readership on their site.

Article here: Caught Testing: Next Generation Audi TT RS?

It appears the writer didn’t know the TTs has minor modifications to its look (or did he?) and is convinced it’s an unseen before 2015 TT RS.

Oh and by the way, when manufacturers run their new project cars on open streets, they are always well-polished for the “unseen before, spy shots”. It’s a marketing stunt! So when you get pics taken 2 feet away on a parking lot of a dirty road car, no, it’s not a TT mule AudiWorld!

Now here’s a premiere, the next TT RS will be as close as possible to the Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept. (Yeah that’s the one with a 420 hp 2l engine)

I thought I’d be a good idea to show small changes that were made to the “TTs” when compared to the regular TT. This way Spy Photographers could stop wasting our time. 🙂

Please see: MK3 TT and TTs side by side comparison.

Ciao for now,


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MK3 TT and TTs side by side comparison

The purpose of this short text is to show the difference between the 2016 Audi TT and TTs using images. The reason why I’m doing this is that I have seen people mixing the two versions because of their different wheels, front lights, bumpers and so on.

Depending on your country, the TTs has at least 2 color options that aren’t available to the regular version. It also comes with easy to spot exterior modifications: Highly distinctive bumpers and rear diffuser, Grey “Audi S-series” mirrors, chrome-plated quad exhaust tailpipes, 19″ 5-arm alloy wheels and black painted calipers.

Here are side by side pictures. In blue, the TT and in red, the TTs.



There are many options when choosing wheels, again depending on your country of origin. Here’s what available in Germany. (Note that the blue TT has optional 20″ wheels)











Finally, TT or TTs headlights may look different or exactly the same! Both TT versions offer two choices: One with distinctive vertical lines (those are the LED) and the other with a round Xenon beam.

led vs xenon




Hope this helps!



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Lloyd Fields needs our help!

Dear TT enthusiasts, our friend and blog follower Lloyd Fields (USA) needs our help! How? Like his TT pic on Facebook! He entered Euro Hangar’s contest and need all the support he can get! Click HERE to help Llyod! Let’s help one another 🙂


See his TT below. Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, Lloyd needs your support. 🙂 Find the contest here.




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