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Here are a few pics of an interesting TT as displayed at the last Wekfest in Texas, baptised iMotion. I hadn’t seen any chrome wrapped TTs yet, so this is my first look at one. Not my taste at all, but kudos to Dung Le for trying something different. Stop now, I heard you thinking! Dung Le… = Rice box? Stop that. 🙂

Reiger body kit, Air suspension, aftermarket audio, 20 inch wheels, new front & rear R8 type lights…. He’s put some cash on his TT and regardless of taste, he took a stand and was committed to his project. For that, he deserves to be respected.

Here’s a post Dung “Eric” Le posted a while back on some Audi Forum.

On a personal note: It’s awkward to read how he’s defending himself for trying something different. I feel sad when I first saw his post. Here’s a guy who went all in and is now used to get judged by other TT enthusiasts! True, if you post a pic of your modified TT on UK’s ttforum, you’ll get blasted rapidly. But who’s right and who’s wrong? In my opinion, the only wrong here is the judgment people put on others.

I know my car isn’t everyone taste but i just wanted to share. I didn’t just slap on random parts, i really put a lot of thought into it and have a reason for everything i did.
 The reason my car is this way is because i got into the Import car scene 15 years ago and the style was very different back then. I guess some of it still stuck with me. I kept my other cars clean and tried to stay as clean as i could with the Audi while still grab a lot of attention.
 I love the silver on the Audi but i needed a color with more pop. I really couldn’t decide so i just went with chrome wrap. It still kept the same feel of the car and i always wanted a chrome car since i chromed all of my RC cars. I didn’t want to be just another bling chrome car so i tried to break it up the best i could with some blacks and reds.
 I used to have 18s and 19s on my car with a lip but they always looked small on the TT for some reason. i love how concept cars look and noticed that non of them had lips on the wheels. It was always flush or concave so that’s what i did.
 My wheels don’t match because i run my cars 2face. You can’t see both sides at the same time so why not? I kept one side more sport luxury and the other side more tuner look. I did the red pin strip on the wheels to give it a little pop and put my car club logo on the side to tie it all in together.
 When Reiger came out with the new body kit i love the sides and rear but wanted to show the FMIC. That’s why i went with the original Reiger lip. It was a little higher then the side skirts so i added the Cupra lip. I figured since the Reiger lip looked like a stretched out version of the OEM bumper, adding a lip wouldn’t hurt. It leveled out the lines on the bottom of the car very nicely.
 I smoked my taillights because my first car had a lot of amber lights on it and i hated that. It just stuck with me so all of my cars have either smoked or clear lights.
 I smoked my headlights because i love how the TT head and tail lights has the same shape from the side profile. I just smoked both to make it look the same.
 Some of the R8 style lights looks really ricer but i picked out some decent ones and smoked them out to hide the rice. When the lights turn on it has a nice look to it.
 Black roof is just clean imo and make the car look lower from the side. Since the TT has a small back window i painted the top half of the hatch to make the black roof flow into the hatch.
 Since my other car’s audio system is more SQ i wanted to go loud on the Audi. i just didn’t realize that it needed so much airspace so i deleted my back seats for the air suspension components. I used to always hide those parts but on the Audi i wanted to show it off so i chromed it all out and spent months on the hardlines. Its not the best but its my own work of art. I wanted it to be clean so i ran the electrical wires inside the air lines too.

I’m pretty sure not many people read this. I just wanted to explain myself before being labeled as rice LOL.

Now, most importantly, here are pics and vids. Enjoy!



AudiTTTXWekfest20136 AudiTTTXWekfest201314 DSC_3807 DSC_3812-1 DSC_3818 img_8514 img_8517 img_8519 Audi TT Chrome Wrap IMG_80431 lmkj115-1 lmknjh5 mnbvcdftghj96 sdA73 sdA78 Wekfest Audi TT AudiTTChromeCoverPhoto AudiTTTXWekfest201316


I Love the way Dung Le filmed this first video. Well done!


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  2. Mac Brooks says:

    Great show with marvelous ideas.

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