Audi TT Suspension Performance: Control Arm Solution: Defcon Bushes

Get the original Audi TT front suspension performance!

Did you know Audi made changes to the suspension arms of the TT in 2001? The original arms (we could say the MK1 arms) were much more communicative in terms of steering feedback and were allowing faster “turn in”.

Why the change? Find out here.

DEFCON Bushings


Here they are! The Defcon Bushings!

The DEFCON Bushings, engineered and developed by Mike Phillips (MCPaudiTT/MCPi), are hard anodized inserts for the front bushing of your Mark 2 suspension arms. Installation, with the original Mark 1 bush, and refreshing of your rear bush with OEM MK1 parts yields performance identical to the legendary Mark 1 early suspension components.


The bushings are inserted in the control arms

The DEFCON bushing is a precision component, machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum billet stock.  The part is hard anodized, to guard against corrosion in the aggressive environment in which it must operate and lasermarked to indicate authenticity.  Installation is straightforward, but use of a high capacity press is suggested to ease installation.


Defcon bushing being pressed in a control arm


Defcon bushing installed

DEFCON benefits :

Unlike performance urethane bushes, if the bush in the DEFCON system wears out, replacements are very inexpensive ($8 or less for a set for the OEM MK1 front bush).  In addition, the DEFCON system provides more feedback and a stiffer response than either replacement MK2 OEM parts or upgraded MK2 urethane bushes

You can order the DEFCON Bushings in kits:

DEFCON 1Order Now - Audi TT Tuning Parts : DEFCON front adapters, Pair of MK1 Powerflex Poly Bushings and New OEM MK2 rear bushes. 249$ US + Shipping to Canada or USA

DEFCON 2 Order Now - Audi TT Tuning Parts: DEFCON adapters , OEM MK1 front bush, OEM MK2 rear bush:  This will result in a set-up slightly stiffer than the original MK1 configuration. 209$ US + Shipping to Canada or USA

DEFCON 3Order Now - Audi TT Tuning Parts : DEFCON adapters , OEM MK1 front bush, OEM MK1 rear bush. This is an exact replica of the original MK1 arms. 179$ US + Shipping to Canada or USA

DEFCON 4Order Now - Audi TT Tuning Parts : DEFCON adapters, OEM MK1 front bush. This set-up   Retains your existing MK2 rear bush and would be the most affordable install. 149$ US + Shipping to Canada or USA

DEFCON bushing adapters onlyOrder Now - Audi TT Tuning Parts : No bush inserts or bolts included.
119$ US + Shipping to Canada or USA

*Subframe Bolts for R32 and 3.2TT:  Due to the need to drop the subframe for instalation on V6 models, it is highly recommended the single use subframe bolts be replaced upon reassembly.

Fine print: Defcon Bushing adapters are designed for experienced drivers for use in closed course conditions. As with any suspension modification, the handling characteristics of your car will change and the car owner and/or installer will assume full responsibility for implementing these changes. Take the time to learn these new characteristics under supervised and controlled conditions. It is recommended the Defcon System be professionally installed, accompanied by a complete suspension check and a 4 wheel alignment. Modshack TTuned and MCPaudiTT/MCPi are not responsible for the misuse of this product or any incidents that may ensue as a result of installer or driver error. You assume all responsibilites for installation. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the suitability of these parts.

5 Responses to Audi TT Suspension Performance: Control Arm Solution: Defcon Bushes

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  2. Sebastien Szaranek says:

    Hello i would like to try the defcon bushing on my mk4 r32 but i live in france and i cannot order it right now.

    Could you info me about sending one of your defcon kit to france ?


  3. John Poff says:

    Can I possibly still track down a set of defcon bushes for the mk1 tt

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