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Is the Audi TT a chick car?

We have all heard or read comments from people saying that the TT is a “haidressers” car, much like the Mazda Miata and Volkswagen Beetle. Now I certainly don’t think so and my opinion on this is that you should … Continue reading

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Audi TT 8S Babes

This is the third generation of the TT! Let’s see what pictures users around the globe will post online… Keep coming back for updates! For MK1, MK2 and videos, go to the Audi TT Babes landing page. Enjoy!

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Bust a Myth: Mk3 Audi TT RS

Hey guys, It’s time to bust a myth! I read a short article on announcing “spy pics” of the new generation of TT RS. Yeah Right! Don’t believe what you read. This is solely to gain readership on their site. … Continue reading

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MK3 TT and TTs side by side comparison

The purpose of this short text is to show the difference between the 2016 Audi TT and TTs using images. The reason why I’m doing this is that I have seen people mixing the two versions because of their different … Continue reading

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Audi TT MK3 – it’s all about the digital era

As you will all agree, the first TT was nothing short of a stroke of genius. It broke with a number of stylistic conventions, including the assumed wedge shape, it displayed incredible focus on detail, and it brought interior design … Continue reading

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