Audi TT Parts for Sale (tuning 8n mk1)

Audi TT Parts for Sale (tuning 8n mk1)

I seriously need to make space in my garage & basement! And for that, I need your help! 🙂

Here’s what I have to get rid of… Interested in something? Just make me an offer, this is a garage sale! 🙂

SOLD ★  Gislaved – Nord*Frost Winter Tires on 17 inc OEM Audi TT Mag Wheels
225-45 /17 (almost new!)

SOLD ★  19, 5x100mm FK Automotive staggered BBS replicas, 8.5 in wide up front, +35 offset. The rear wheels are 10 inch wide, +20 offset. Mounted on them are 255/35/19 Continental Sport Contact 3 summer tires (they have 2-3 months left on them)

Bilstein Suspension, Frent and Rear, including shocks and coils. Lowers the TT by at least one inch on all 4 wheels. See the result below.

Audi TT 3.2L V6 OEM Front and Rear brakes. Calipers, pads, back plates, oil lines. The kit includes front and rear Hawk blue performance brake pads.

SOLD ★ Audi TT 3.2L V6 front bumper. Includes DMC Front Spoilers. (left & right lips)

SOLD ★  Audi TT 3.2L V6 rear bumper. Includes DMC Rear diffuser.

SOLD ★  Audi TT Rear DMC Wing fits 3.2L only

SOLD ★ Audi TT Front DMC Spoiler & Splitters (3 pieces, unpainted)

Audi TT Eye lids by Seker Tuning. Not painted. Article No. SWB-800760

SOLD ★  Audi TT 3.2L V6 rear OEM valance (2 exhaust pipe holes)

Audi TT DSG Steering Wheel with airbag

3 pairs of ECS wheel spacers

2x ECS 10mm Wheel Spacer (ECS Part# ES#7533 / 1055 + 10386099)
2x ECS 10mm Wheel Spacer (ECS Part# ES#7533 / 1055 + 10493899)
2x ECS 15mm Wheel Spacer (ECS Part# ES#9688 / 1030 + 10487586)

Contact info:
Or simply post a message below. 🙂


About andre-martin hobbs

I started this blog just recently because I have so much fun modifying my MK1 TT... that I need to let the world know! And it's also a good reference when looking back at my mods. Ciao for now! Andre
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37 Responses to Audi TT Parts for Sale (tuning 8n mk1)

  1. Loren Whan says:

    will put it out there for you


    Happy Holidays

    Yours, “Brett” Whan

    http://www.WhanAB .com/

    WhanAB: Sells these excellent products and more…

    SOLO-WERKS Suspensions / forge motor Products / BOSCH PRODUCTS


    V-MAXX Coil Overs BBK Springs / VDO Gauge Products / Integrated Engineering

    Concept One Wheel / ESM WHEELS / Klutch Republik Wheel


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    South Bend Clutch and their Custom Knob Program

    WhanAB Innovative Auto Design Parts

    [image: south bend clutch]

    Email me for a quote

    On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 9:38 PM, Audi TT Tuning – Parts & Accessories – Mk1

  2. Thanks BreTT 🙂 and Happy Holidays to you too!

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  4. chunki kim says:

    paid. thank you

  5. Brad dAlessio says:

    Hi, I’m interested in your steering wheel with airbag, what is the price? Thank you, Brad

  6. Brad dAlessio says:

    A bit more than I was hoping to spend, especially since I really just need the airbag. Would you consider $300 usd + shipping? I’m located in northern CA, near San Francisco, and could PayPal you right away. Brad

  7. Armando Gomez says:

    Hello I was interested in the bilstein suspension and the DMC 3 piece spoiler and splitter. How much are you asking for these products?

    • Hello Armando,

      Where are you located? I’m asking $400 for the suspension and $350 for the spoiler and splitter. They both are worth well over what i’m asking. 🙂


      • Armando Gomez says:

        I live in victorville California and that’s a really good price. I’d definitely get them but how much would shipping cost?

  8. zabaroptik says:

    Hi, are any of these still for sale and would they fit a Mk2 TT?

    I am interested in the konis, and also the BBS wheels, spoiler and splitter.

    Can you tell me the price + shipping ? I Iive in San Jose CA. Just picked up a 2009 TT and plan to modify it and track it a little bit. I figure the Koni’s and BBS wheels should help the drive on the track.

  9. dave driscoll says:

    Need something small. The machined aluminum disc located on the inside of doors at bottom of door handle. Either side would be fine

  10. Ken Kotke says:

    Interested in “Audi TT Eye lids by Seker Tuning. Not painted. Article No. SWB-800760.”
    Still available? How much?

  11. Ken Kottke says:

    Hi Andre
    Interested in the “Audi TT Eye lids by Seker Tuning. Article No. SWB-800760”
    Are they still available?
    How much?


  12. Adrian says:

    Hi Andre,
    I’ll take the Audi TT Eye lids by Seker Tuning. Article No. SWB-800760 for $40 plus shipping.

  13. Adrian says:

    Hi Andre,
    I am also interested in the DMC rear diffuser.

  14. Frank says:

    Hey Andre,
    I’d take the Bilstein suspension bits. Can I pick up in Montreal?
    Call or text me, Frank, at (905) 330-9379 cell.

  15. Zeph says:

    Hi andre

    Do you have any BOV? I have an audi TT 2002 1.8 5V idk if its mk1 or Mk2.

    Best regards

  16. Shak says:

    How much for the steering wheel??

  17. diosworld says:

    Hi Andre,

    I’m interested in your brake set. Are they still available? I know, it’s years already.
    Also, is it possible for you to ship them to Hong Kong?



  18. diosworld says:

    Hi Andre,

    I’m interested in the brake set. Are they still available?
    Yeah I know, it’s been years.
    Also, is it possible to ship them to Hong Kong? Please advise.

    Best regards,


  19. Marc TAGLANG says:

    How many the bielstein to france please?

  20. Josh says:

    need the suspension, still avail??

  21. Robert Ford says:

    Hi, is the steering wheel still sale


  22. Dan says:

    Hi, I need a front wheel with airbag, with delivery to Belarus
    How much?)


  23. Adrian says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the eyelids if they are still FS as advertised ATM ?

  24. Eric Sauvageau says:

    Salut, as-tu encore tes Bilstein à vendre?

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