Pictures of Audi TT accidents, crashes & collisions

You’re here, reading these lines, because you have searched on Google or clicked a link that will show you pics of wrecked, destroyed, disassembled, dismantled Audi TTs… RIGHT?

I hope this will satisfy your morbid fascination with car crashes and accidents. Enjoy the carnage 🙂

p.s. stuff to read below…

You might wonder whay we are attracted to peek at cars in accidents.

According to Aristotle in his Poetics we even “enjoy contemplating the most precise images of things whose sight is painful to us”. (This aspect of our nature, often referred to as the “Car Crash Syndrome” or “Trainwreck Syndrome”, accounts for the supposed attraction such accidents have for passers-by.)

Car Crash Syndrome is basically morbid curiosity, when people slow down to see car crashes, sub-consciously they want to see something gruesome. Only the real sicko’s would admit to wanting to see some gore, but it is Humans nature to be curious of this morbid sense of entertainment. Throughout Human history there has been many times when Human suffering has been used as entertainment, most notably the Gladiators of Rome. Now, we look-out for fights in major league sports like hockey (with lots of blood please…) or crashes in car racing. (with a huge fire please…)

We, humans, did not change at all. Proof? You just proved the theory since you’re here, reading these lines… Not sure? Then don’t click this car crash video link, what on there is disgusting.

My thoughts! Ciao guys


About andre-martin hobbs

I started this blog just recently because I have so much fun modifying my MK1 TT... that I need to let the world know! And it's also a good reference when looking back at my mods. Ciao for now! Andre
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7 Responses to Pictures of Audi TT accidents, crashes & collisions

  1. George Kates says:

    Andre-Martin, I’ve been attempting to contact you for weeks. The install info-flicks were of interest as are the interior trim pieces -specifically, the trim for the cubby nearest the handbrake, and the round dash defroster vent surrounds; however, I absolutely need to know which Storm center wiper conversion kit to order for my Mk.1 TT. Storm, Venom etc., list no Mk.1 TT specific kit. The hull is based on on the Mk.4 Golf, but does Storm see it that way? Help!? Hope you recieve this (at last). Thank you, George P.S. Yes, I viewed the accidents. Actully more out of curiosity about how the car held up. Needless to say, I was both educated and horrified. Accidents look as they always have-ugly and sad. I still remember vividly the first I saw at age 5. Suffice it to say you have a talent for “global” TT awareness.

    Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 22:24:41 +0000 To:

    • Hi George!

      First, let me thank you for your good comments! 🙂
      Secondly, I sent you an email about the aluminium trim, so you should know what to do next.
      Lastly, the Storm wiper conversion kit for your MK1 TT has two possible versions. (RHD ie UK, Japan, AUS, etc. or LHD ie USA, EU, etc.) Contact Nick Sanders at this address:, he will be able to assist you with your purchase.



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  4. Car Searcher says:

    Actually, I found this site because I’m considering buying an Audi TT, and I wanted to see how they hold up in a crash, haha. 😉 Thank you for the resource!

  5. Car Searcher says:

    LOL!! I thought so too!! 😀 I’ve been searching google images for “salvage” pictures of different cars, hehe!

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