There’s not a faster way or more economical way to generate revenue and get your products in front of thousands of car enthusiasts than to become a sponsor of this outstanding Audi TT project. Being associated to this fine and upscale project will gain instantaneous respect from your potential consumers, represent your product or services and promote it to social circles to help generate sales and increase brand awareness.

Offering a sponsorship can result in thousands of video views, huge increase in site traffic, product sales and you will also be able to use all of the videos and endorsements on your website and marketing material. You are in full control on what you offer, how long you offer it for and what the members say about your products.

In 2014 alone, this project will be exposed to over one million of your potential consumers, going to Auto Shows, Tuning Shows and through social websites. That’s without you doing anything. The official launch date of this project is January 17, at the Montreal International Auto Show. For the first time, over 200 thousand members of the public will be able to admire the quality of this one-year long lasting project.

Don’t hesitate and contact the owner of this project car, Andre-Martin Hobbs at: andre@hobbs.org.

Photoshoot / teaser – November 2013


Other sizes Front View: 1920px / 5100px


Other sizes 3/4 View: 1920px / 5100px


Other sizes 3/4 View: 1920px / 5100px


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