HOW TO: order parts and make a payment

Found a parts you are interested in buying? Here’s how you can get them!

I used to take orders and ship them out myself. But as of January 2015, I’m unfortunately too busy, so I’ll give you direct access to my supppliers 🙂

1. LED DRL manufacturer: Wasim, based in UK. He will ship internationaly! You can reach him at: Wasim is very busy and consider yourself part of “the Lucky ones” if he agrees to make you a kit. They are very, very well done with high quality parts. I trust Wasim must have build over 100 of thèses kits. I have one of his installed on my TT since 2010 or 2011.

2. Aluminium parts. Unfortunately, the supplier is not reliable and I believe he closed its doors. BUT, I found another guy that creates high end aluminium products. You can reach Markus at: and his products are here:

UPDATE: July 2016. You can create your own Metal Shifter! See:

3. DMC. Although DMC products are hard to find, you can still get them directly at the source. Kontact (he’s German) Maurice at: He will be able to get / manufacture you parts.

4. Defcon. You can source them through Mike Phillips at He is also the manufacturer, so you’ll be in good hands. I have those installed on my TT and did see a positive difference in handling.

Do not hesitate to write me / leave a comment for help.

Best regards,



33 Responses to HOW TO: order parts and make a payment

  1. Malcolm Duncan says:

    I am interested in buying the Audi TT (8N):: Open Metal Shifter (5 Speed) – Part number: 10112. Please contact me. Thank you.

  2. Victor Gil says:

    Hello, I’m interested on Part number: 10101

  3. patrick says:

    i am very interested in the running lights, im from the UK…i have emailed you already (….please contact me asap. many thanks, pat.

  4. omar castrejon says:

    Hi I am interested in the open metal shifter 5 speed part number 10112. Can I purchase it from you and can it be shipped to the US? if this is a problem I have friends in germany who can have it shipped to me as well. I would love to have this part. Thank you for your help- happy new year and God Bless,

  5. Taylor Arent says:

    8. Audi TT Rear Wing I have the 1.8 2001 Quattro 225hp .
    please let me know price and shipping together

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  7. Hugh says:

    Hey Andre, Interested in getting the aluminum speedometer cover. Let me know if you have it.

  8. jack says:

    Interested in
    Part number: 10112 and
    Part number: 10114

  9. SPIROS says:


  10. spiros says:


    Part number: 10107
    Part number: 10113

  11. al martinez says:

    hi! im interested in buying Audi TT (8N) :: Style-Pack 1 – Part number: 10107 – 169$

  12. Neil dawe says:

    Hi. I am after the six speed open metal shifter please. I am in the uk

  13. victor says:

    Do you guys have a trim to go round the radio to cover the space that’s left after you replace the factory radio with an aftermarkket unit

  14. Carlos Carney says:

    I need price for Audi TT 2001

  15. Bill says:

    I am interested in your kit. Are they in stock?

  16. Scott Dobbie says:

    Was reading your wright up on your Audi tt DRL headlights from that company I have a Audi TT mk2 would like to get the DRL light kit & put them in my headlight myself been searching the wed for a long time but no success any help on this would be very great full many thanks Scott

  17. pop Yeh says:

    I am interested in buying the Audi TT (8N):: Open Metal Shifter (5 Speed) – Part number: 10112. Will can also order it? There are sent to Taiwan ? Thank you

  18. Will weaver says:

    I’ve just seen a u tube video for the mk1 daytime running lights….can I order a set and how hard are they to fit??



  19. Lucas says:

    I’d like to purchase product 10113 (Audi TT 6-Speed Metal Shift Gate) but I’m not seeing it in your aluminum vendor’s list of stock. Any idea who I should get in contact with to purchase one?

  20. Heath says:

    Hey im interested in ordering a metal gated 6 speed shifter for my audi tt. Im in the us. Can you put me in contact with a website i can order it from? Thanks.

  21. Mike says:

    i am very interested in the running lights

  22. John Poff says:

    Looking for defcon and bushing kit? If possible? Or dimensions for making my own pre anodized and after. To attempt to make my own if not possible to purchase anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help.

  23. Brent O'Keeffe says:


    Do the same parts work in a 2003 TT Wuatro Roadster light assembly with the factory HID? I am waiting to hear back from wasim if he is still making them.


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