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Track pictures (Mont Tremblant)

Hi Guys, Here’s a few more pics! I also took the liberty of taking shots of the TT next to a… GT3 RS! Enjoy, Andre Track pics TT RS vs GT3 RS

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Audi TT RS vs Porsche GT3 vs Nissan GTR

Yeah, your read right! Audi TT RS vs Porsche GT3 vs Nissan GTR   🙂 How will it end? Inside or outside… Who will be in front? See for yourself! At: Cheers, Andre

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A Time For Laughter: Tool Time

These hilarious automotive tool definitions have been floating around on the Internet for some time now with no credit to the author. This piece originally appeared in Road & Track, April 1996 in Peter Egan’s column, Side Glances. The original column … Continue reading

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