Audi TT Clubsport Turbo concept

Widebody, 600-hp TT racer

Austria’s annual Wörthersee Tour tuning fest was on again last week, and Audi was set to be one of the stars thanks to its 600-horsepower TT Clubsport Turbo concept. (See the videos at the end of this post) The track-tuned concept looks similar to Audi’s TT Cup racer but it sports a larger 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine which thanks to some innovative technologies produces a supercar-like 600 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. Incredibly, Audi R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg says much of the technology in the concept is “close to production readiness.”

But how can Audi extract so much power from an engine with just 2.5 liters of swept capacity? The key is a combination of technologies that are all aimed at boosting power. Direct fuel injection and a larger turbocharger have been added, but to ensure the engine is also responsive—something that’s hard to achieve with a big turbo—Audi engineers added an electric motor system to help provide boost at lower revs. Several automakers are working on the technology and Audi plans to start offering it as early as next year.

So Audi has basically designed the perfect turbo; one with no lag at all. By using this new e-turbo, Audi can then incorporate a traditional turbo to focus on high rpm power only, thus making use of the entire rev range. Pretty neat right?

Called an E-Turbo, the technology uses an electric motor to spool up the smaller of two turbos rapidly and without any perceptible delay at low engine revs, and it allows the turbo to continue to boost charge pressure when too little energy is left in the exhaust gas spinning the larger turbo in a conventional manner. This operating principle makes it possible to design the turbocharging system more specifically for high charge pressures and consequently for high engine power, with the E-Turbo assuring spontaneous response and powerful sprints from low engine speeds at all times.

Audi boasts that the engine builds up power without any perceptible delay, and that the power is available in any situation—whenever the driver hits the gas pedal. Given those attributes, don’t be surprised if the technology ends up in the next-generation TT RS, which is expected to stick with a turbocharged 2.5-liter mill.

“The electric biturbo signifies a new dimension in driving enjoyment; it boosts sprinting ability and torque and enables high peak power,” Hackenberg explains. “In our TDI [diesel] engines, we are close to production readiness with this technology; we are now presenting it in a [gasoline-powered] TFSI.”

The concept needs just 3.6 seconds to sprint to 62 mph (100km/h), and its top speed is approximately 192 mph (310km/h). Thanks to the E-Turbo, the concept covers over 50 feet within the first 2.5 seconds of acceleration, which is almost 20 feet further than the concept would have got without the technology. That is a difference of around one and one-half car lengths. Helping that 0-62 mph figure is a lightweight body — Audi put the TT on a diet, resulting in a 3,078-pound dry weight.

To handle all of the power, Audi also added its Quattro all-wheel-drive system, whose multi-plate clutch is mounted on the rear axle for better weight distribution. The concept also features a conventional six-speed manual transmission and a series of weight-saving mods.

In addition, a dedicated 48‑volt electrical sub-system—another key future technology from Audi—supplies electrical energy to the E-Turbo system. This energy is stored in a small lithium-ion battery, which is stored in the trunk and charged via regenerative forces. Thanks to a converter, this system can also be used to power all the conventional 12‑volt electrical ancillary features.


The TT Clubsport Turbo concept has been widened by just 14 cm (5.5 in), but that’s enough to allow for a visibly more aggressive stance that also permits resculpted fenders aimed at channeling air to cool the brakes. The overall length is 4.33 meters (14.2 ft) and the width, including mirrors, is 1.97 meters (6.5 ft). Of course, there’s the massive wing, made from carbon-fiber reinforced polymer just like all the other aerodynamic improvements on the car. The exterior upgrades are rounded out by the rear diffuser, side sill trims, air inlets and a large splitter up front.

Inside, the TT Clubsport Turbo is fitted with a titanium roll cage and racing seats with four-point belts. The dash carries over largely unchanged, but the steering wheel, with its buttons for starting the engine, adjusting the driving mode, the stability control system, and setting the pit-lane speed, is taken from the new R8.

Ultrawide 275/30R-20 tires put the power to the pavement, and the TT concept also includes carbon-ceramic brakes and an adjustable carbon coil-over suspension.

I like! However, if the TT clubsport is just a dream at least we can look forward to the new technology being used elsewhere in the Audi family. A lag-free turbo? That’s fine by me. In the meantime, let’s ask DMC or others to create a custom widebody kit that looks just like it!



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3 Responses to Audi TT Clubsport Turbo concept

  1. lloyd fields says:

    Hi Andre,

    How are things? I have a quick request, I know you have a HUGE following with the Audi TT community. I have a request, I’m going to a show in Holland Michigan in late June (Euro Hangar), each year they have a photo competition, in which the top 5 votes will get a spot within the “Hangar”…. pretty darn cool. There are 30 photos that made the cut (mine included) and of those the top 5 will get a spot. The 30 photos are put onto Euro Hangar’s Facebook page and the 5 photos with the most “Likes” will get that chance.

    I was hoping you could “share” the link (my photo) to your followers to give their thumbs up (like). If you search “Euro Hangar” on Facebook you’ll see my 2003 Audi TT in their photos section.

    I was feeling apprehensive about asking others to share my photo link, but I noticed that the other vehicles with a ton of votes have a lot of shares. This is a friendly request no big deal if your not interested in doing this.

    Love your webportal! Take care,

    Oh BTW good luck with the sale of your BMW!

    Lloyd Fields
    St Louis, MO

    • bumper says:

      Hi Lloyd definitely I enjoyed the expo and thanks for Andre for sharing such a lovely pics but I bet no one can compete Audi TT is simple awesome in its design and looks and speed it may make every competitors think about its design now.

  2. Maurice DMC says:

    Hallo Andre,
    der Audi TT mk3 Klubsport Koncept ist ein wunderhübsches Auto.
    Ich habe ein paar Ideen wie man etwas vergleichbares bauen könnte,die frage ist ob sich genug Kunden für so einen Umbau Kit interessieren werden…

    Maurice DMC

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