2014 Montreal Auto Show

Hello peeps!

I’m particularly in a good mood these days. Although my TT project is not completely finished, (will it ever be?) I was offered a very nice opportunity… To display the TT in the Performance Zone at the 2014 Montreal International Auto Show!

Not too shabby for a premiere… Especially that I didn’t put more than 50km on it since the new body kit and paint job! So for its first official time out, the TT will be on the 5th floor, alongside other show cars. 🙂

Thought I’d take a few pics and post’em for you guys. Cheers!


montreal-auto-show-2014-black-felino montreal-auto-show-2014-2-chevrolet-corvette-2015 montreal-auto-show-2014-1-chevrolet-corvette-2015 montreal-auto-show-2014 montreal-auto-show-2014-white-felino-2 montreal-auto-show-2014-white-felino montreal-auto-show-2014-Lexus-IS-Racing montreal-auto-show-2014-lamborghini montreal-auto-show-2014-gostbusters montreal-auto-show-2014-ford-mustang-2015 montreal-auto-show-2014-dodge-performance-zone montreal-auto-show-2014-buick-zone-performance montreal-auto-show-2014-buick-performance-zone zone-performance-salon-auto-montreal-auditttuning.org-4 zone-performance-salon-auto-montreal-auditttuning.org-2 zone-performance-salon-auto-montreal-auditttuning.org-1

TT salonSalon_de_l_Auto_de_Montreal_la_Zone_Performance_Volkswagen-camion Salon_de_l_Auto_de_Montreal-general-lee


About andre-martin hobbs

I started this blog just recently because I have so much fun modifying my MK1 TT... that I need to let the world know! And it's also a good reference when looking back at my mods. Ciao for now! Andre
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