DMC Widebody Kit News!

Hi Friends,

— UPDATE: Guys, here are the latest pics! We not get to see what the front bumper looks like!

News from Maurice at DMC (Germany). He’s back onto his Widebody project and hopes to be done in a few months. It’s a lot of work and he wants to make sure it will look right. So here’s a few pics, as this is stage two in his project development.

Some of you like it, some hate it. But you know what; I salute DMC’s effort to build something new for the MK1, since everyone has stopped and now focuses on the mk2.


About andre-martin hobbs

I started this blog just recently because I have so much fun modifying my MK1 TT... that I need to let the world know! And it's also a good reference when looking back at my mods. Ciao for now! Andre
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14 Responses to DMC Widebody Kit News!

  1. Jin says:

    I love it… When can we see the the productionalized version? Hopefully soon.

  2. Irfan says:

    Any idea on cost and availability in the US?

  3. Irfan says:

    Thanks Andre, I appreciate the update.

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  5. Lars says:

    Hey, this is the best bodykit i have ever seen for the audi tt.
    if its possible, i would buy it. pls send me an adress oder email where to buy such a bodykit.
    best reguards from germany.

  6. Gavin Upcroft says:

    I came across your page and see the awesome body kit you were creating. I’m getting ready to purchase a 2000 TT and would really like to set it apart. Is your kit available yet? Thank you for your time.

  7. Helloo Gavin!

    Yes it is! Where are you from?
    I’ll pm you a price and delivery time.



  8. Mike says:

    Hi I’m looking to purchase this kit, could you email me a price to Scotland please

  9. Davin Lukaszewicz says:

    Can you still get this body kit if so where

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