Looking for a rear wing

Hi guys,

I’ve recently started to look at all the rear wings for my MK1 TT. I wish to find one that states that “my car is special” but not too much. See what I mean? Since it is a question of taste, you may or may not be on the same page as I am. Anyhow, I’m in for looks and downforce. At least to tell my friends this is my reason for installing one. 🙂

A few interesting options exist, and I only found 2 that I really like.

DMC 3.2

(Buy your own DMC Rear Wing at www.europtuning.com)

DMC Concept Rear Wing Audi TT MK1 8N

DMC Concept Rear Wing Audi TT MK1 8N


Reiger Rear Wing Audi TT Mk1 8N

Reiger Rear Wing Audi TT Mk1 8N

Let me know your thoughts!


About andre-martin hobbs

I started this blog just recently because I have so much fun modifying my MK1 TT... that I need to let the world know! And it's also a good reference when looking back at my mods. Ciao for now! Andre
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2 Responses to Looking for a rear wing

  1. I know you posted this in 2010, but if you receive this comment I wanted to just saying i am looking for the same spoilers you have posted. We must just have really good taste lol but I was just wondering which one you went with and if you like it or not and which one you reccommend? Please get back to me if ya see this and thanks!

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