It was in 2009. July 2009. Fresh out of a BMW X5, I was finally looking for a car for me, me only. By that, I mean a car that I would use for pure enjoyment, nothing to do with a daily driver or worse; practical use.

I created a large list of vehicles, knowing I was adding some on the list just for fun. As far as I can remember today, I had cars like the BMW 1 and Z4 series, a Mustang, a Camaro, a Subaru WRX STI or a Mitsubishi EVO, a Nissan 370Z and many others.

The truth is I always wanted the TT. I tried to consider other choices… I remember a red BMW M Z4 that looked incredible. It was a lease take-over and I had it for a good price. But still, it was double the price of a 2005 TT (at the time).

So July came over and I found a black on black 2005 3.2 TT with DSG tranny for sale. Apparently, the car was used by a woman as a summer car… Real or not, this story made sense when I inspected the car; low mileage, great condition.

Below: Print Screens from the car ad when it was posted.



Audi TT MK1 V6 Engine (BHE)

After just a few weeks of driving the TT, I decided it needed mods in order to get more acceleration and handling. Don’t get me wrong, the 3.2L V6 engine develops enough power to have fun and the handling is quite good, but not to my standards. I used to race formula cars a while back and I expect a lot from cars like the TT. (see my first posts here and here)



So I looked around for engine power options and opted for a big turbo. The install was completed in November 2009. Huge difference! The car had about 210 wheel horse power (250hp at the engine) and now has close to 400! That plus a chipped transmission made the TT a 911 Turbo killer, both off and on the track. Other mods in 2009 consisted of a lowered Bilstein suspension, Borla exhaust system and catalytic converter delete.

In 2010, a few cosmetic changes were made to the car, such as LED headlights and front DMC wings. I tracked the car only 2 times in 2010. Enough to find its weaknesses, such as major understeer coming from big time HP being sent at 80% to the front wheels and crushing the car’s suspension. The braking is average, in my opinion, due mainly that more HP, more speed means also harder braking. These findings led me to the upcoming 2011 changes.

2010 changes: LED Headlights and DMC Wings

2011-2 brought a lot of changes: HPA Haldex race controller, Defcon brushings, Prosport gauges & Osir Carbon Fiber Mantis install, single wiper conversion, 19 inch BBS look alike wheels, Hawk brake pads for the mechanical and rear wing, Black-Orange GTRS type look, interior aluminium trim conversion for the cosmetics.

2011 also brought a surprise! A new member of the family… A 2009 BMW M3 E92! I am trying not to make any modifications to it, but it’s really hard to resist! Read on…

My cars

As I was going thru ALL Audi TT enthusiast websites, Tuning specialists, Online and offline part suppliers, I decided 3 things: 1) I will try to create a MK1 TT that has a unique look and performances similar  to the MK2 TT RS -or better. 2) Create a blog so I can track back the mods I made to the car and the reasons behind them. 3) Become an agent for European Part Manufacturers that have no visibility in North America. So far, so good. 🙂

Now, 2013 brought a lot of changes… Mainly cosmetic, such as new Wide Body Kit, paint, custom wheels, steering wheel… and Big Brake Kit and suspension. With these changes, the TT entered a new era, one of a garage queen used for beauty shows and Sunday drives. It will be shown in public for the first time since its cosmestic changes at the Montreal International Auto Show, at the end of January 2014.


2015: Changed the M3 for a convertible. I’m getting old I guess… Minor work done this summer. Cosmetic only.

2016: Writing this in September 2016: I had my Steering Wheel controls working for both radio and phone, new audio amplifier and speakers and cosmetic work done under the Hood. As I’m writing this, a new family member is coming soon… A 2010 Puma Defender 🙂

Follow this blog as I continue making this project car even better.


Andre-Martin Hobbs

19 Responses to About

  1. Im currently just finishing my 3.2 GT3582 turbo build and it would be interesting if you could indicate your power levels.
    Im looking at 675bhp at the fly and 550lb/ft, what about you..

  2. sylvain desmarais says:

    Very nice work so far!!!!!
    i,I found a 2004 (usa car) mk1 3.2 dsg bright red convertible red interior last summer 2011,beautiful!!!
    i m from ville st laurent,montreal,Other toys in the garage: 2003 New beetle turbo S bright red like new like the TT on air bags very clean and a 2006 Ducati monster 620 modified all black out with a rat rod feel to it,i m interior designer,i modified every thing that i drive but
    LESS IS MORE do it and do it right and take your time to find the right parts.
    I would love to see your ride ,next spring 2012 maybe?
    This TT must go man!!!
    See ya

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  4. jacob says:

    This blog has helped out alot. I also have an audi tt 3.2. Ive been wanting to upgrade it. This is the only place I can find a turbo kit. Where did you purchase the turbo kit?? The only place im finding is cts turbo for an r32. Or will that work on the 3.2?? This is the only site I could find. http://www.ctsturbo.com/cart/products/CTS_TURBO_MK4_R32_STAGE_3_TURBO_KIT-217-47.html

  5. Keith Goodwin says:

    Absolutely inspiring!!!!!!! So my search is on now 🙂

  6. I have a 3.2 since its birth, I treated it like one of my kids. now its time to upgrade it.
    I’ll let you know how I get on.

  7. Oscar says:

    Oh my god that is beatiful. I have the 1.8t TT fwd version ( i had no idea about the quattro) at the time i purchased it. Would you say keep it and upgrade it or should i try finding a 225 or even better yet try getting a hold of the symphonic VR6 version?!
    By the way how does it handle? (:

    Thanks for your help!

  8. Jacob says:

    That body kit is beautiful, would you be able to tell me what brand it is?! I have the 2003 1.8T version and its my project car. You did an amazing job with yours and i hope mine ends up even half as nice as yours!

    Let me know as soon as you have a chance! Thanks again!

  9. Oliver Westlake says:

    I’m looking for the reflectors, orange ones in the US spec headlights…I want a pair to convert my UK spec lights! As your over there, don’t suppose you have them still or can find me some please? Im happy to pay shipping costs! Thank you!

  10. Oliver Westlake says:

    Thanks Andre, I’ll chat to was, I know him anyway…! If you see any about, let me know pls!

  11. Conor says:

    Love the colour can u give my name of the orange used would look great on my project

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